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Botanical Cleaner – BAC Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner

BAC (Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner) is proven to be a 99.99% effective residual action cleaner.

Over 20 years of research, comprised of expert chemists and engineers, resulted in a 100% certified organic botanical product recognized as safe under FIFRA by the EPA and FDA. Within minutes of application, BAC tackles surface damaging mold, organisms, pests, and insects, making it the leading antimicrobial cleaner  for both commercial, residential and agricultural use.

BAC is tough enough to clean surfaces in hospitals, schools, daycares and clinics; and yet gentle enough for household surfaces, including: glass, stainless, wood, carpet, and fabrics. BAC is safe for humans and pets- safe enough, even, to be used as a produce wash. BAC, when used on industrial remediation projects, both cleans and provides residual protection against future surface damaging mold and mildew.

BAC provides a sustainable, alternative to eco-destroying products. BAC can be applied as a mist (it doesn’t need to be shaken or wiped off) and, unlike many harsh chemical products, it has a mild wintergreen or lemon fresh.

BAC’s research team created a formula from whole plant naturally sourced essential oils, replacing toxic products and reimagining green, highly-effective solutions.

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BAC Hand Sanitizer

Prevasive has had a lot of requests from all the hospitals, health workers, and first responders.  PreVasive services to create a pharmaceutical grade hand sanitizer unlike anything else on the market. Once people try this they’ll never go back to the cheap stuff which many are made with ethanol, not an effective hand disinfectant which smells bad all while drying out and cracking their hands.

BAC Hand Sanitizer is FDA compliant using 75% Isopropyl alcohol made from plants.

Softens hands, no cracking, and smells great.

Made with organic thyme and wintergreen essential oils offering superior disinfection and several hours of resistance due to these organic oils.

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OxyOrange All-purpose cleaning solution for day to day cleaning needs. Certified Green – Green Clean Institute A reliable new tool to provide a clean, safe, environmentally friendly cleaner.

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Bed Bug Botanical Defense

Bed Bug Botanical Defense kills Bed Bugs, spiders, ticks, lice, dust mites, mosquito larva and many more pests. Safe to use around children and pets having a pleasant botanical scent.

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Botanical HP

Botanical HP cleans moss, mold, and mildew growth and the spores that cause re-growth fast. Cleans wood, paint, concrete, masonry, and plastic. Deep cleans outdoors with instant results.

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BigShot Maxim

Many types of insecticides have been used to kill mosquitoes and other insect pests. Nevertheless, many insecticides have disadvantages. Some are toxic to humans, are harmful to the environment, or have limited efficacy. Accordingly, there is a continuing need for environmentally friendly compounds having improved insecticidal properties.

The organically grown ingredients that make up the BigShot Mosquito & Agricultural Pest Control product are ingredients that have been formulated using EPA recognized FIFRA (GRAS) “generally recognized as safe” active and inert ingredients. These ingredients after decades of use globally have proven to have no harmful effects and therefore have unrestricted use as described on the label, and are registered within the U.S. states as a FIFRA 25(b) labeled product.

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WASP Mold Resistant Sealant

Wasp™ delivers long-term, interior and exterior anti-mold surface protection. Easy to apply with a brush, roller, spray, or paint sprayer. Quickly penetrates and adheres to porous and non-porous surfaces and leaves a durable, long-lasting barrier that will not blister, peel, crack, or chip, while helping to restore the integrity of water damaged materials.

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Enzymatic Odor Eliminator

This Earth friendly enzyme odor stain remover is specially formulated using natural methods to destroy and remove accident orders and organic spots.

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Heavy Duty Cleaner- All-Purpose Cleaner

A plant based blend of surfactants and wetting agents D-Limonene and Thyme. For use in industrial, home, auto mechanic shops, agriculture, food service , health care facilities, boats, shops and more.

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PWA – PreVasive Wetting Agent

PWA is a ready-to-use, colorless wetting agent/surfactant.
It provides powerful wetting, penetrating and coalescing of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) to permit handling and removal of these materials under damp, dust-free conditions.

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We provide expert industrial solutions to businesses. With over 15 years of experience we’ll ensure that you’re always getting the best results from a US firm focused on quality.

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