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PreVasive Botanical Cleaner – BAC Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner

BAC (Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner) is proven to be a 99.999% effective residual action cleaner.

Over 20 years of research, comprised of expert chemists and engineers, resulted in a 100% certified organic botanical product recognized as safe under FIFRA by the EPA and FDA. Within minutes of application, BAC tackles surface damaging mold, organisms, pests, and insects, making it the leading antimicrobial cleaner  for both commercial, residential and agricultural use.

BAC is tough enough to clean surfaces in hospitals, schools, daycares and clinics; and yet gentle enough for household surfaces, including: glass, stainless, wood, carpet, and fabrics. BAC is safe for humans and pets- safe enough, even, to be used as a produce wash. BAC, when used on industrial remediation projects, both cleans and provides residual protection against future surface damaging mold and mildew.

BAC provides a sustainable, alternative to eco-destroying products. BAC can be applied as a mist (it doesn’t need to be shaken or wiped off) and, unlike many harsh chemical products, it has a mild wintergreen or organic vanilla scent.

BAC’s research team created a formula from whole plant naturally sourced essential oils, replacing toxic products and reimagining green, highly-effective solutions.

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A safer, cost effective Germicidal Antimicrobial anti-Fungal and Pest control Organic product

The Natural alternative

  • Active ingredient is directly from whole essential oil of white thyme
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Not irritating
  • Biodegradable

EPA, USDA, FDA FIFRA Recognized product: BAC

  • Active-Thyme essential oil, CAS-8007-46-3
  • 40 CFR180.940(a) Food-contact surfaces in public eating places, dairy processing equipment, and food –processing equipment and utensils
  • 40CFR 180.960 any food use site
  • Minimum Risk Exemption 40CFR 152.25(t)
  • EPA (GRAS) – Generally recognized as Safe
  • 40 CFR 180.910 / 40 CFR 180.920 FIFRA 25 B-For use on growing crops or raw agriculture products after harvest.
  • 40 CFR 180.930 for use on animals.

Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner BAC)

  • Thyme essential oil .23% active
  • 300% better efficacy then competitors with a light wintergreen fragrance
  • Much less expensive than competitors
  • USDA, USEPA, FDA Recognized FIFRA 25-B Generally regarded regarded as safe!
  • Spray and wipe or spray and leave on porous and non-porous

Microemulsion systems are preferred for their long-term thermodynamic stability, low viscosity, cost economy, and aesthetic appeal. Such systems provide a method for preparing an isotropic mixture of oil and water. Major advantage of micro emulsion is in usage of the widely, easily available, environmentally friendly, and superior efficient diluents. Formulations of microemulsions are difficult tasks. These compositions give maximum stability with the optimum usage of surfactants with maximum efficacy. (BAC) is a high efficiency micro-emulsion with latest technology whole botanical essential oils and plant surfactants.

Industrial Hygienist Jerry Bond –  BAC Overview

Electrostatic Spraying BAC In Daycare 


Dear PreVasive,

As an owner of a cleaning company, I have to be WOWED!!!!! to look at a new cleaner.

After learning and trying BAC, I was excited to find a true green product made with organic whole plants. There are so many companies with untrue claims!!! It is important to me for myself and my employees to be working with safe, yet effective products. It is equally important when we enter a home or business to ensure their safety!! We love the smell of the special reserve blend (vanillin). We are using it everywhere, since you do not have to rinse it. It has been a very tough season of cold and flu’s, so we spray this on all faucets and phones. We especially like BAC in the bathrooms, it is a good solid cleaner ranging from sinks to toilets.

It is nice to do our part for protecting ourselves and the environment:)

Christy Watson

Rainbow Cleaning Service, Lincoln NE

Dear PreVasive,

Good afternoon Don! 
The house looks and smells Amazing! I am so pleased with the work you did! You are great at what you do. Quick question??? Can I buy a bottle of your spray from you? I have some wood furniture that has mold on it from being in an unclimate controlled unit and I really know your product will work from what it did at the project house. Anyway if you do sell it can you let me know how much and when I could meet you?

Restoration Contractor

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