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PreVasive Botanical HP

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Botanical HP cleans moss, mold, and mildew growth and the spores that cause re-growth fast. Cleans wood, paint, concrete, masonry, and plastic. Deep cleans outdoors with instant results.

Zink & Silver Ion

  • Long Lasting Residual
  • Silver-ion Zink Shield
  • Reduce Labor by as much as 85-Percent
  • Attacks organic stains, detroys mold
  •  Biodegradable-Penetrates deep into wood and leaves a silver-ion Zink shield! 
  • Follow with PreVasive “GRAS” WASP for 5-year residual 


Brush, foam, spray, roll on the surface if necessary, to loosen stubborn build up. Re-application, may be necessary where heavy build up occurs. The cleaning action stops when your surface dries. After use, clean applicator thoroughly with water.

Industrial Hygienist Jerry Bond –  Botanical HP Overview


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