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BAC Hand Sanitizer

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BAC Hand Sanitizer 16.9oz / 500ml

Available in: 16oz


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Prevasive has had a lot of requests from all the hospitals, health workers, and first responders.  PreVasive services to create a pharmaceutical grade hand sanitizer unlike anything else on the market. Once people try this they'll never go back to the cheap stuff which many are made with ethanol, not an effective hand disinfectant which smells bad all while drying out and cracking their hands.

BAC Hand Sanitizer is FDA compliant using 75% Isopropyl alcohol made from plants.

Hand soft smooth gel in 16.9 oz pump bottle.

Organic pharmaceutical grade glycerin, found in most of the finest luxury cosmetics. Also kosher and non-GMO.

Softens hands, no cracking, and smells great.

Made with organic thyme and wintergreen essential oils offering superior disinfection and several hours of resistance due to these organic oils.

To test for residual, use then after it after dries, hold hands under water and you'll notice the gel coating that can carry a residual of several hours.

FYI...preventing hands from cracking is important because non-intact skin is very dangerous for workers, it allows infection or viruses to enter.

BAC Hand Sanitizer will only retail for $18.95/ 16.9 oz. bottle which makes it $1 - $1.13 per oz.

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16.9oz, 16.9oz case of 3, 16.9oz case of 6, 16.9oz Case of 12, 16.9oz Case of 20, 16.9oz Case of 30, 128oz(1 gallon), 128oz case of 4

1 review for BAC Hand Sanitizer

  1. Wendy Billings

    Love this product. I really like that it contains no harsh chemicals and the glycerin keeps your hands from drying out. Bottle lasts a really long time since it is 4 times larger than the ones you get in the store. Highly recommend

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