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BIGSHOT Maxim – Ready to use/Concentrate


Safe around gardens, pets and kids – Safe for animals, fish, humans, and plants – Effective against mosquito larva, Biodegradable – Bee and Butterfly friendly


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Many types of insecticides have been used to kill mosquitoes and other insect pests. Nevertheless, many insecticides have disadvantages. Some are toxic to humans, are harmful to the environment, or have limited efficacy. Accordingly, there is a continuing need for environmentally friendly compounds having improved insecticidal properties, while being substantially non-toxic or only mildly toxic to humans.

PreVasive development referenced 25 years of USDA and NIH field research of botanical,oils and surfactant control of mosquito and larva to develop BigShot Maxim.

PreVasive therefore has worked to synthesize this information  within the frame work of a FIFRA 25 (b)(GRAS) generally recognized as safe .. as strictly formulated. The result is PreVasive BigShot  Maxim’s position as a safe* pesticide and mosquito repellant with larvacidal control.

Lemongrass, Neem Oil, Glycerin
This product was formulated by meta-analysis of 20 years of USDA agriculture station research across the US. The product will control and repel mosquitos of all types, ticks and other insects. BIGSHOT Maxim is formulated solely using eligible FIFRA 25(b) (GRAS) ingredients and is Generally recognized as safe by the EPA, USDA and the FDA.

Active ingredients and inert ingredients in this product are exempted under 25(b) (GRAS) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.


Directions of use:
• Apply every 21 Days
• Broadcast fogging – 128 oz per acre
• For backyard and facility control (Common pump sprayer-spray areas as needed for coverage)

All ingredients are from organic sources, no synthetic chemicals are used in BIGSHOT MAXIM.

• Effective against mosquito larva
• Nontoxic to animals
• Nontoxic to fish
• Nontoxic to humans
• Nontoxic to plants
• Our botanical organic spray is completely bee and butterfly friendly – not to mention safe around gardens,
pets and kids!
• Biodegradable

Black-headed caterpillars, Moths and moth larvae, Colorado potato beetles, Various boring insects, Mexican bean beetles, Fruit sucking moths, Root weevil adults, Red palm weevil, Corn earworms, Eriophyid mites, Cabbage worms, Mushroom flies, Japanese beetles, Spotted beetles, Blister beetles, Cotton stainers, Spindle bugs , Tomato hornworm, Squash bugs, Gypsy moths, Spider mites, Fungus gnats, Tea mosquito, Leaf webbers, Pulse beetle, Semi loopers, Leafhoppers, Cankerworms, Leaf miners, FleA, beetles, Mealybugs, White grubs, Bollworms, Armyworms, Mosquitoes, Whiteflies, Sandflies, Houseflies, Caterpillar worms (more on leaf-eating worms), Bagworms, Cutworms, Lawn and root grubs, Lace bugs, Fruit flies, Bed bugs, Pod bug, Billbugs, Sawflies, Termites, Locusts, Midges, Aphids – Root Aphid, Hibiscus aphids, and Rose aphids, Beetles, Ants, Gall,
Scale insects, Thrips

Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in

128oz (1 Gallon – READY TO USE), 128oz – Case of 4 (READY TO USE), 32oz (READY TO USE), 5 Gallon Pail (READY TO USE), 2.5 Gallon (Concentrate), 2.5 Gallon Case of 2 ( Concentrate)


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