Mold Resistant Sealant


Wasp Antimicrobial Mold Resistant Sealant – 5 Gallons

Water-based sealant for wood and masonry designed for remediation, flood damage restoration and more


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Wasp Antimicrobial Mold Resistant Sealant – 5Gallons

Ready-to-use, Wasp™ antimicrobial wood protectant made in the US, 25(b) safe ingredients according to EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) federal insecticide, fungicide and rodenticide Act (FIFRA) under minimum risk exemption regulation in 40 CFR 152.25(f).

Wasp™ delivers long-term, residual surface protection from excessive moisture to the substrate it is applied to while also protecting the film from mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacterial growth. Easy to apply with brush, roller, spray, or paint sprayer. Quickly penetrates and adheres to porous and non-porous surfaces and leaves a durable, long-lasting barrier that will not blister, peel, crack, or chip, while helping to restore the integrity of water damaged materials.

Meets ASTM Standards D-3273 &
D-5590 for mold growth resistance
and is Air Quality Management
District and VOC compliant.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 15 x 13 in


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